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Nanny Testimonial-Phyllis

Nanny Testimonials
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the outstanding care and understanding that you bring to your profession. As you remember I had just moved to the east bay area and had no idea what I would run into in my quest for a quality position after my last position as a nanny was for 9 years. I had a great number of concerns as to location, people, expectations and qualifications among others. With your outstanding reputation I was lead to you. I am so please to have been fortunate enough to have found you to guide me through the process. The qualifications required by the state, the local government, and all of the others that made me very nervous about the whole process. The families that you sent me to were of the highest quality and the decision was most difficult. Your caring nature and level of professionalism was the most impressive of all the agencies that I spoke with. Thanks again for being the best in the business!"





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